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lily ross
lily ross

Nobody wants to say it, but here it goes: Winter is coming. And whether or not we’re prepared for the turn of the season, it’s now time to start laying the foundations for a strong routine before the weather cools down.

If you’re looking for extra accountability, competition, or planning to help peak your motivation, these five features below bring them all into your day-to-day.

1 – Private Challenges

It’s the unsung hero for Ergatta friends and families alike. If you share your rower with others in your home, a time- or distance-based Private Challenge will keep you accountable over the long-term and heat up the kitchen-table banter.

Set up a family challenge as a vacation countdown, or repeat challenges month-to-month with your closest Rival and keep track of who’s most committed. If you vary in speed with your competitors, a Most Time challenge does wonders to even the playing field.

private challenge screen on tablet

2 – Race Yourself

Ergatta’s automatic match-making is a great way to connect with others, but the true pursuers of progress know that your toughest competition is yourself. Once a month, challenge yourself for a personal record in a previously-completed race. Pick your favorites: fast sprints or slow and steady segments, there’s no excuses when it’s you vs. you. Plus, that feeling of accomplishment is the best.

Race yourself screen on the tablet of the ergatta rowing machine

3 – Companion App

Get ready to row before you sit down on the rower. With the Ergatta Companion App, you can review previous performances and plan to top them. Track your challenges, browse the libraries, scroll your workout history, and sign-up for Live Races.

Man holding an iPhone which is displaying the companion Ergatta app

4 – Calibration Toggle

Take your easy days when you need them — it’s the only way we can keep consistent. Ergatta’s automatic Recalibration system makes each workout push us towards long-term improvement, but that doesn’t mean we want to be pushing it everyday.

Before Race, Pulse, and Meteor Workouts, select whether or not you want the effort to count towards your Recalibration in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you’re looking to push your Intensity Zones up without manually Calibrating, toggle Count Towards Recalibration? to YES and plan to give a strong effort.

Toggle on Ergatta tablet to run calibration through the meteor game

5- Million Meter Workouts

When you reach one million meters rowed on Ergatta, you’re invited to design a workout for the entire community. Some members deliver the most crushing HIITs, where it’s prestigious just to make the Rankings. Others share their “everyday” row—the perfect workout that’s been missing from the Libraries until now. Whatever they create, they all share one thing in common: dreaming up their own workout is a great motivator in the pursuit for the Million Meter Milestone.

Display of the highlight screens of the Ergatta games

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lily ross
lily ross
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